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January 25, 2006

Nick Phillips Erotic Classics on-demand!

We've added a bunch of enticing fare from Media Blasters, including a handful from 70s erotic auteur Nick Phillips, to our rapidly expanding Video-on-Demand catalog [for adult VOD titles, click here].

Phillips, real name Steve Millard, made a host of guilty pleasure, "adults only," features in the 1970s, several of which have since been remade by Seduction Cinema. These bawdy and perverse films are one-of-a-kind, capturing the underground sexuality of a time and place more than just about any other work.


Brigitta is a grindhouse classic that offers a glimpse into the erotic fantasies and carnal conquests of 60ís swingers! And Dr. Christina of Sweden is a rarely seen Phillips oddity about a Niko-esque reporter doing sex, uh, research that "still looks surprisingly good," notes SleazeGrinder.com, "and features a couple of very sexy, curvy 70ís girls. Real ones, even."

Phillips loved his fetishes, too, and Fraulein Leather - with a title like that, do we need to detail the plot for you? - is perfect proof. "a real surprise! It's a hardcore film," gasps DVD Drive-In. "Phillips directs all the action within one shady apartment, behind closed blinds, making the film even more scuzzy than it already is."

The classic Lustful Addiction is "a very gratifying (and sexy) movie," says Sex Gore Mutants, and was remade with Misty Mundae in a fairly interesting version. Nothing like the original, though, to get a good sweat going. Meanwhile, the original Roxanna (it, too, was remade with Mundae), has plenty of odd Phillips' touches, strange effects and trippy atmosphere - surely a product of its time. It's also "powerful" (Sex Gore Mutants). For that nostalgic feel, and some genuinely erotic sex, it's worth a watch, too.


"Director Nick Phillips doesn't feel the need to slow his flicks down with any of the usual filler," wrote Monsters at Play's Lawrence Raffel of Pleasures of a Woman. "[R]uns about an hour and that's about an hour of pure erotic action to you and me. Mostly girl/girl save for one guy/girl scene, it all ain't too shabby. No time is wasted here and let me say that if the shoe fetish bit doesn't catch you by off guard, well it should!"

Also now available on-demand: Sappho '68, Threes: Menage a Trois and Vicious Blondes.

Nick Phillips Classics

Three From Nick Phillips

January 12, 2006

Nurse Me, Doctor Shameless! Please!

Reviewed by Kristy Lin Billuni

Mainstream live-action porn is jam-packed with naughty nurses-themed flicks, but too often, when the little white shifts and funny hats come off the babes, it's just like any other porno. Behold, two of the most artfully crafted Hentai medical-themed movies I've seen: Nurse Me! [individual episodes are available via Video-on-Demand: episode one, episode two, and episode three] and Doctor Shameless.


Each one offers two thrilling episodes packed with all the nastiness the medical fetish genre has to offer. Nurse Me! is the story of an aspiring nurse, Yumi. Doctor Shameless chronicles the transformation of Nagatsuka Hospital from financial ruin to perverse success under the experimental guidance of the depraved Doctor Shinji.

Nurse Me!'s innocent Yumi will do anything to fulfill her life's ambition to enter one of Japan's most noble and sexualized professions, and her teachers and patients are demanding. In one scene, Yumi's set to learn how catheterize a penis, but her head nurse informs her, "You have to make him ejaculate first," and proceeds to show Yumi the finer points of the hand-job, insisting that Yumi finish the patient off. The scene ends with lots of messy kisses.

Yumi's nursing school experience is very Story of O, and so, too, is the experience of one patient, Miss Hagashi, in Doctor Shameless. In a scene that will win over golden shower fans, Dr.Shinji forces her to pee into a cup while he watches. The sound effects, sighs of relief and the tinkle of urine hitting plastic, are realistic and even satisfying.

Both flicks serve up surprisingly graphic enema scenes - Doctor Shameless focuses more on the patient's experience of discomfort and shame, an emotional scene to be sure, whereas Nurse Me! offers what is by far the most visually assaulting enema fetish scene ever. If this is your thing, you'll want to see Nurse Me! just for this little treasure. Poor Yumi unwittingly volunteers to play the patient for the enema lesson, and at first the stills of Yumi's classmates at their seats, leaning in to behold Yumi's appealing ass are downright cute. But when Yumi's experience turns from embarrassing to painful, she writhes on the floor, begs for a toilet, and eventually, in full-color illustration, dumps her excrement all over the hallway.

And if that doesn't make you uncomfortable, hold on to your feminist ethics.


Watching and enjoying Nurse Me! means having to let go of a need to see consensual sex; the more I watched Yumi's objections to sex acts go unheeded - she gets raped more than once, and she utters the word "no" a thousand times - the more I squirmed. And the second episode of Doctor Shameless introduces Mrs. Kimshita and her daughter, Tomomi, in a subplot that blurs the line between children and adults, an unholy no-no in live action American-made porn. Is Tomomi a child, a teenager, or a young woman? She flits about in a schoolgirl uniform, but everybody knows college girls do that in Japan. But her mother and the staff treat her like a little girl, so it's exceptionally shocking when Mrs. Kimshita catches the doctor performing various perversities on Tomomi and calling it "treatment." True, once her school uniform's been cast aside, she looks a lot more like a woman than a little girl. The doctor then "treats" this mother-daughter duo with a titillating, disturbing, and plain old naughty orgy. It's classic girl-on-girl action, only these girls aren't best friends at a porn slumber party, and they're not twin bombshells. They're mom and daughter.

But isn't that what some people love about animated adult film? Because in it we can see what we, our laws, and our sex-negative culture can't stomach in live action? Because drawings of the darkest, dirtiest, most inappropriate sex acts are somehow less upsetting than watching actors play that out for us? Perhaps because in it we can have medical fetish porn that really does explore medical fetishes.

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