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July 28, 2006

Hannah Harper Interview

By P. Weasels

Gorgeous English babe Hannah Harper talked with us about silly porn lines, living in a house full of porn stars and her new movie, Sodom #2 – The Bottom Feeder. Read on to find out all the juicy details of her beef soup bath and why she swore never to work for Jim Powers again.

Hannah Sodom

Naked Truth: So why are you the best porn star ever?

Hannah Harper: Well, I think one of my qualities that stands out about me is my persona. If you meet me in person, I’m actually quite reserved and quiet and shy. [laughs] Unless I’m drunk. But as soon as the camera turns on, there’s definitely some change in me that I think people might find surprising because they probably think I don’t do very hardcore scenes or I don’t do anything crazy, or anal, or that kind of stuff.

NT: Well, they’d certainly be wrong about that. In fact, you’re a contract girl for Sin City, right?

HH: Yeah I have a contract with Sin City. I’m actually in my 3rd year with them. I’ve been with them for a while. My video work is exclusive for Sin City, but I can shoot stills [for other companies]. And they also let me do softcore movies.

NT: For cable?

HH: Yeah, Cinemax, HBO, that kind of thing. I love doing softcore, but sometimes the scripts are hilarious. Just ridiculous. [laughs]

NT: What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever had to say?

HH: I used to have a contract with Legend, and the writer used to make me say ‘bloody hell’ in every single movie with my English accent [laughs]. It was classic. “Bloody hell man, how many more balls need to be drained before you do something?” [laughs]

NT: That’s pretty terrible.

HH: I can’t remember the premise of the story, but the guy that wrote the scripts for Legend - I always said he should win an award for the most inventive reasons for people to have sex with each other. It wasn’t just one person in the room, the other person, they look at each other, they like the look of each other and go at it. For one movie he wrote, La Femme Nikita Denise, it was kinda like a James Bond thing. So, in one of the scenes, the guy had been injected with some sort tracking device in his scrotum and had to get it into the girl, so that’s why they had to have sex with each other.

NT: Your new movie, Sodom #2, has a pretty extreme plot from what I hear. Can you tell me a little more about it?

HH: It was a pretty crazy shoot. I think I’m tied up in pretty much every scene you see me in. It was very kind of surreal storyline. At one point, I had to emerge from a bath that had to look like dirty water, so they were pouring coffee and like beef broth into this bath. I had to emerge out of that, and for one scene I’m tied up and there’s a couple having sex in mud and they’re kind of rolling me around in the mud too and then they were pouring corn syrup over me in another scene. Thankfully, I love Jim Powers and I could see what he was trying to achieve with this movie. It was interesting to me because after working in the industry for 5 years it’s always interesting to do something a bit different, but both locations were freezing cold and had no hot water. So I was taking maybe like 3-4 showers each day.

NT: So what happened in the movie that you had to climb out of a bath of beef broth?


HH: It’s a very surreal storyline. Like, at the beginning I’m driving with my husband and this naked girl [played by Roxy Jezel] comes running up to the car and we take her in and take her home. Somehow, I get involved in the house that this girl had escaped from. That’s when I emerge from the water. I’ve been held hostage. And that’s why I’m tied up in every single scene. And at the very end, I’m the naked girl and I go running out to another car…

NT: So, how many scenes are you in?

HH: I’m in two sex scenes. A DP and an anal scene and then I’m in the background of a couple of the others, all tied up.

NT: What’s it like working for Jim Powers?

HH: Shooting with Jim Powers is great. He’s very creative and very twisted and very excited about stuff. I remember when he was doing the first Sodom that I was also in, he just came up with things on the spot. Like, Cindy Crawford, the star of Sodom, was pushed into this pit of very feisty lesbians and Jim all of a sudden says, “Oh guys! What we should do is we should tie her up and hang her over them so they’re actually trying to reach up and grab her, almost like animals!” and I’m like “Oh my god, where does he come up with this stuff?” But that’s the kind of energy, twisted as it is, that you have on a set when you work with Jim Powers.

NT: Have you worked with Jim Powers a lot? It sounds like you enjoy it.

HH: I do. It’s actually funny because when I first came into the industry 5 years ago, I was 18 and I did anal and DP, but I was very green and he shot me a couple of times. He wanted to shoot me for a series he did called The Babysitter, but as soon as he found out I was English, he said "I’m not shooting you for this movie, I’m going to shoot you for Gutter Mouths." All the English girls that he’s come across before have this great ability to just really talk nasty, you know like Layla Jade and Jamie Brooks and all these other English girls that he’s encountered and I just was not like that at all. I’m better at it now, but still, nothing within their league. Every 5 minutes he’s having to shut the camera off and feed me lines to say and then turn the camera back on and keep going with the scene.

I actually told my agent that I love Jim, but I can’t work for him anymore because he’s too crazy for me. So I went through a long period of not working for him and then Sin City took him on as one of their directors recently and I’ve had the opportunity to work with him again. After 5 years in the business, I’m not quite so shocked and wide-eyed about everything [laughs]. I’m more prepared for things.

NT: Where you going from here? Are you going to stay with Sin City for a while?

HH: Yeah, I still have time left on my contract with Sin City. I’m very happy with Sin City, this is my 3rd year. They’re great. They’ve given me the opportunity to direct. They just signed Gina Austin and she’s wonderful. We get on so well and it’s so nice to have two contract girls who work well together. We balance each other out perfectly and we’re actually going to start dancing together. We did it once but we’re going to do more over the next year.

Hannah Harper

NT: So you said you’re going to get into directing. What have you done and what are you going to be doing?

HH: I’m directing a series called Dream Teens. The latest one is #5, coming out next month. I used to co-own LA Direct Models. It’s a very large agency within the adult industry and I used to have girls living with me in my house and all sorts of stories came out of that. So the first couple of scripts I was basing on that. Me playing myself running this agency called Dream Teens and having these girls in the house and whatever disasters or adventures they got into.

NT: Did you ever get to cast the actual girls in the vignette that she inspired?

HH: Well, in the first one I did, which is still my favorite, I cast a lot of my friends. Roxy Jezel is in it, and Jamie Brooks. They’re good friends of mine and I met them through representing them and living with them in the house. That was fun. It was fun to have them in the movie because they understood what I was trying to do and they were around for some of the things that I’d written into the script.

I think the first one is still my favorite just because that was the one that is closest to true events. That experience of being part of the agency. And also I had a lot of friends of mine in it.

NT: What was the story that provoked you to write the scene?

HH: The first one was very basic. There was one plotline where one of the girls convinces me to take her next door because an actor lived next door to us at the agency, which is actually true. It happened. And they end up having sex with each other.

But I’m really excited for the 5 th one to come out because I actually wrote that. I based that more on America’s Next Top Model, except it’s obviously the Next Teen Anal Starlet or whatever. Sierra Sinn was the main girl in it and it’s just very cute and it’s very cheesy and I think I’m gonna like this one a lot.

NT: That sounds like fun. How long do you think you’re gonna keep performing in front of the camera?

HH: I’m not sure really. I always said I’d do it until it stopped being fun. And I’m still having fun. I think I’ll be doing more softcore stuff and trying to maybe do some courses and maybe to sideline out of it a little bit, but I’m still having a good time. I think I’m gonna be around for a while yet.

NT: That’s good to hear! Thank you for the interview.

HH: My pleasure.

Check out Hannah's newest film, Sodom #2 – The Bottom Feeder.

[This interview originally appeared on GameLink.com.]


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