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September 22, 2006

Celeste Star is a Star

[This interview originally appeared on GameLink.com.]

By P. Weasels

There are a million naked stories in Porn Valley: girls coming and going, rising stars and fallen idols, and it's hard to keep track of who's hot, who's not, and who's just about to make the big show. Between the bright-eyed hopefuls fresh off the bus and the glittering, elite contract superstars, though, there's another kind of girl, not a virgin or a veteran, a girl who may be on the edge of making it big. She's hot, she's sexy...she's ripe and ready.

It might surprise you to learn that Celeste Star was once a cheerleader. Why? Well, her onscreen persona is so seductive, so sophisticated, and so unrestrainedly hungry for pussy that it's hard to imagine her in that kind of normal schoolgirl role. Entertaining to imagine, but difficult. It's not that her body isn't right - at 5'7" tall, with a gloriously natural 34B-25-36 figure, Celeste would look great bouncing up and down in a short skirt and a tight sweater. But consider her roles so far: in Slut School, she plays a stern headmistress who gets into some fun and games with two students, and she's as convincing as anybody in porn, but she's less than a month older than Codi Milo and almost four years younger than Jenna Haze - the students she's supposed to be disciplining! In Way of the Dragon, she wields a pair of sai in a seductive martial arts dance, looking elegant and dangerous, and in Barely Legal Innocence, a venue where most girls actually do play cheerleaders or schoolgirls, she's at a desk writing a letter with a quill pen when her lover, Ramona Luv, arrives - hardly a bubbly schoolgirl pursuit.

Celeste's voice is one of the things that adds to the impression of maturity; although it's girlish, it's smoky and seductive, too, like a nightclub singer's, and she uses it well - she's a great dirty talker. Another is her extraordinarily pretty face - the exotic result of a pairing between a Mexican father and a Scottish-Irish mother. Her long, lustrous dark brown hair frames a sly, knowing pair of pale blue eyes and sharp cheekbones. Looking into her half-lidded eyes, seeing her pouting lips and provocative smile, it's easy to see why she's never really played the ingénue, and when you put that whole package on top of a long, slim tanned body with perfect, firm tits and a flawless ass and top it off with a tongue stud and a small tattoo of a flowering thorn bush - beautiful but dangerous - well, who can resist?

Born in December of 1985, Celeste is barely twenty, but she has a self-confident assurance that belies her young age. Eighteen when she started in porn, she was Penthouse's Pet of the Month in July of 1985 at the age of 19, and now, before her twenty-first birthday, she's got nearly thirty movies under her belt, having worked for Digital Playground, Suze Randall, Elegant Angel, Shane's World, and many other studios, including Andrew Blake's Studio A. She's already starred with veteran beauties like Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane and Tianna Lynn, and with top billing in a new feature from Digital Sin, Celeste is well on her way to stardom. Crush is the story of an up-and coming starlet who moves to the big city in search of fame, fortune and glamour, but finds that, as usual, the good life only comes at a price. Celeste's alluring sophistication is an interesting counterpoint to the nature of the character, since she plays a girl who is lonely and vulnerable to the people who want to manipulate and use her, and her exotic beauty is perfect for the dreamy, almost hallucinogenic sequences that make up most of the movie. Lush, exotic, and artistic, Crush is the kind of movie that can kick-start a career, so keep an eye out for Celeste - she may be the next big thing!

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September 19, 2006

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